Contactless Wearables

tagnitecrest wearables

TagNitecrest range of Contactless Wearables bring the latest innovation in wearable payments. With TagNitecrest you can turn any device or accessory into a payment-ready wearable with a popout contactless card, or choose from a range of coloured wristbands and keyfobs.

Wearable payment technology is a great way for banks to complement their card services

  • Pop-out card: A payment ready pop-out card which can be inserted in chosen carrier.
  • Customise your watch / accessory:¬†Customise an existing watch or accessory by attaching a card holder into which the payment card fits into. Current watch / accessory can be used as a payment device.
  • Coloured wristband: Choose from a range of coloured wristbands. Ideal for sports these sleek rubber bands carry pop-out payment card for contactless payments.
  • Keyfobs:¬†Our range of stylish keyfobs are an ideal traditional solution to carrying a pop-out payment card

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